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Good write up, Ned.

I raced for 18 years. MX, then enduros and hare scrambles, roadracing, then an enduro before I hung it up when we moved to Europe.

Now, I just don't feel the need. I needed to go warp factor 8 with my hair on fire. Now, I don't. I miss the camaraderie of the race fambly, no matter where, always a good bunch.

I had a bug, an itch. HAD to go stoopit fast. That disappeared. But the need to challenge myself is still there. So I single track a GS. Or tour on an RD350.

But I sure am tempted to go rallying, never did that before. Damn expensive, though.

All this to say: Anyone can go racing, just like Ned wrote. I'm proof. If you're thinking about it, then give it a go. Betcha cash one of your motorcycling acquaintances has connections to a local event/competitor. Give it a go.

I think it should be on everyone's bucket list: Compete in a race.

Just remember: You're doing this for fun. Don't forget to have some.


good luck.
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