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chapter 3 : Bulgaria to Serbia

So after a good night’s sleep we had some coffee, Özge tightened the screws on his cylinder head and after a thankful goodbye to Atanas we went of direction Serbia.

Meeting people like Atanas is one of the things that make slow travelling so wunderfull

The first few kilometers lead us through a rural Bulgaria, where not much seems to have changed since a short stay I had in 1999.

We climbed the mountains towards Sofia, and the weather got relatively cold and miserable.

Özge had some problems with a frozen clutch cable, but due to the unique Jawa clutch construction it didn’t matter - at least then.

The Road through resp. around Sofia is really bad, sometimes two potholed lanes and choked with trucks. And there was a real chilling wind.

We stopped at a Station to warm up a bit and a beautiful Lady explained us she would ride, too, in the winter when she was young and bought us some chocolate. I think we must have looked a bit miserable.
Anyway, brain was to frozen to make a photo; she was a bit younger than us, BTW.

We continued for the border which we passed in a breeze, sympathetic faces everywhere, and followed the road to Nis, which leads through a beautiful river canyon.

Here Özge has a chat with a turkish trucker at the border ; those guys greeted us everywhere and would signal when passing us; gave us some kind of a feeling of not being alone.

At about 14h we stopped at some roadside restaurant for lunch and Özge got his first lesson in serbian food; there is a reason why I gained 16 kg during 2 years work in Serbia in 1999/2000.

Gourmanska Pleskavica - don't tell me about burgers

Restaurant "Starij Fiaker", old Coach, near Pirot

Soon after that marvelous Lunch we reached the highway near Nis and dragged on northward, to the little Village of Klicevac on the Danube River, where my old friend Slavisa would host us for the night.

for a while it looked like we had to take a Hotel on the Highway, because Özge is quite a bit night-blind, but he battled on, and at 21h we arrived in Klicevac, quite a bit beaten by 11 hours of riding

save and warm at least

I always loved Serbia, and it was good to be back with my "bratu" and his family

This installment is a bit short - I have to go to Birols garage now and bring home my bike- had a complete failure of the rear brake on the last 600 kms

chapter 4 coming soon
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