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I just wanted to thank the Guys over at Revzilla for my SRC order.

I ordered it on Sat through the web site and it was out of stock and showed a 5 day waiting period. Hey no problem, it's probably going to Schuberth for a drop ship. Look at the web site on Monday and they are back in stock, 24 hr shipping. So I wait and decide to give them a call today just to see if they have a date it might be going out.

A very nice gentlemen on the phones confirms my suspicion that my order went to Schuberth and that they did get an order in on Monday. He tells me to hold on for a second and comes back and says, we are going to cancel your order from Schuberth and send it out from here today, you should have it by Sat.

Now how cool is that!!!!!

I love it when CSR service is king. They did not need to go through that trouble for me, but they did and that is what counts.

Anthony, plan on seeing me and a couple of my buddies next Friday down at the store to buy some gear. This just made up my mind as to who I am getting my new suit from.


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