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Originally Posted by CHRIS_D View Post
Hi Ian,

I didn't know you could order!! I been waiting patiently.

OK now I'm up in arms on what to do.... I have the same GPS set up as ADVman. I like where you currently have the OEM speedo mounted in the dash and would like to mount the ZUMO GPS above it. I'm not stuck using Ranzaco's GPS holder but would like continue to use the Touratech mount for security. I'm afraid if I mount the TT mount directly to the dash (without it fasten to the 1/2" bar) I will lose the capilbility to angle it so it's easily viewable. Any suggestions?

Also is the dash strong enough to hold the GPS or do you need to reinforce it with a bracket from behind?


The dash is easily strong enough to mount the GPS, but I understand what you mean about the angle. If it's a key feature for you, it would be quite possible to have the 1/2" rail fabricated with some 'feet' to mount to the dash and then you would retain your variable angle. So the rail would be like a mini towel rail positioned out about an inch from the surface of the dash. As long as the 'feet' were reasonably wide ( say 1-1/2") then the dash would be quite strong enough.

Another solution : If you find that once you have got the 'right' angle (and don't need it to be variable), then you can just pack out the top or bottom mounting points on the GPS mount to get the right angle.

The angle of the dash is likely to be pretty close to the right angle any way.
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