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Dude?! Seriously??
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oil-head, hex-head, wet-head?? Wet-boxer??

I remember reading about this Wet-boxer almost two years ago, as an idea moving forward due in large part with Emissions regulations. It was speculated they needed to go this route to improve both MPG's and in turn cut emissions across the RPM range. As other chewed and spit out the idea, labeling it too heavy with added reliability issues, it makes you wonder how far it has come in it's testing?!

I'm sure like all other BMW products it will be awesome looking, sounding, and handling in the showroom with impressive marketing PR....... HOWEVER, the truth is told by the service department. If maintenance cost and reliability are in check with longer times between service intervals then they have my

I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt simply because it could be GREAT! I'm just fearful on what kinda gizmos they try out then drop a couple years down the road. It seems to me, BMW Motorad unlike it's car division seems to experiment more with niches, adding a model or gizmo then getting rid of it just a few years later....450X, 650X, brake servos, canbus (which I hear is by-by in this model, that's a good thing).

I'm looking forward to see what they come up with! :freak
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