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I hope the speculation of 1300cc turns out to be wrong. BMW already has 110hp currently. They should be able to get about 125hp easily (good mid-range and not too stressed engine) with an updated 1200cc, water cooled boxer. Their 2nd priority should be reducing weight. 1300cc makes no sense.
I agree. 1200cc water cooled boxer should be able to easily produce 125 hp and still be under stressed.

As much as I want the weight reduced on the new GS, there is little incentive. With Yamaha's Super Ton weighting in at about 60 lbs more that the existing GS, I doubt BMW will spend many dollars to reduce the weight further and instead just offer more horsepower. With so few GS being taken off pavement, horsepower will sell more bikes than taking off another 20 lbs will.
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