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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
Look, I had mentioned the Dellorto's in this thread and NEVER mentioned that those gains were from the cam alone. YOU DID! I was trying to make the point that I got those gains with the cam, the ALREADY mentioned carbs, and STOCK 8.7:1 CR AND who knows what else since I never specifically said that those gains were from the cam alone. YOU SAID THAT! NOT ME! The CR that you called "lawnmower compression" and that it would be a waste of time. I caught you out on that among MANY other things and then you create this diversionary issue of me claiming something I did not claim. I am not confused and you need to read more carefully AND stop making up your own points to argue with.

Your swift boating has worked. We have spent all this time going around and around about something I never said and you have not answered ANY of my questions about your erroneous 336 info and the BS. STILL no quote of me saying what you said I said? How hard can it be? I guess pretty hard when it doesn't exist. Stock CR, stock ignition, before I put the Dell's on it had stock slightly rejetted stock 32mm carbs. READ! MY point was and is countering what you said about 336's and stock CR, ignition, and carbs. NOT that my ultimate power gains were from the cam alone! YOU INVENTED THAT! If you were confused, you could of at least asked instead of the BS.
Let's please cut the crap so I don't have to throw this thread in Exploding Heads.

If this thread continues with this kind of tone, we're done.



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