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Originally Posted by markwoodlief View Post
Put one in my GasGas 400 (notorious for killing any battery)... at 25 degrees yesterday morning it would not start my bike.

The Gassers are fuel injected which requires to have a pretty good battery to kick in the fuel pump, etc. No go.. Ended up pushing it up a hill and push starting it. Within a minute the battery was fully charged and i could stop and start it at will..

I wouldnt say it's bad, especially with the 950's bigger battery, i think the gasser has the 14a.. may try to switch it out and see if i can get the 950 battery in the gasser battery box.

At any rate.. i've killed one.. ... but just for a minute..
Mark, I've ridden my v-twin Aprilia RXV550 to work a few days this week to keep it limbered up. It's FI as well and can be a bear to start old 27F mornings. As expected, the first crank attempt, no go -- but I know the first cranking warms up the battery. I waited 15 sec or so for the heat to seep through the battery a bit then the next crank runs were full force and it lit right off. I have the Shorai small case 14ah in that, the only size that will fit in it's battery box.

Below freezing, these lithium batteries need a warm up pull on the amps.
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