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Originally Posted by Chuckracer View Post
Would plugging it in to a battery tender first warm it up enough to wake it up?
Chuck I don't think the small tenders push enough amps to warm it up, especially since the Shorai holds it's voltage very well and wouldn't likely take much if you were topping it off. It's not like a lead/acid battery. My Aprilia sat for 2 weeks after installing and testing the battery. It hadn't even lost a tenth of a volt in that time, still upper 13's.

IMHO I think what warms up the batteries is a good amps pull on 'em, either headlights for a few minutes, or a quick start attempt for a few seconds.

Mark, mine hasn't been on the charger since install and I've been running a Gerbing heated jacket liner on full on the rides, no mercy. Still fires the bike right off. Above freezing it's usually first cranks and it goes, doesn't need the internal warmup. Good thing too, because with no kicker, and standard auto-clutch, there's no push starting it either. Your GG must be a tough one to get going.
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