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Well I'm really glad to read all this. We are looking hard at the CRF for my wife, as someone else mentioned, she's 40 and it would be her first motorcycle. She's done a little street riding on my 550 but she really likes the CRF and feels that the size and weight fit her perfectly.

I'm a little worried about power. She is only 110# and I know some 200# guys ride these things around, but still, I consider my KLR to be barely powerful enough to ride on the street, you want to be able to pass someone on a country road or pull away from someone at a light. I'm hoping that with her tiny butt on it, it would be more or less capable of keeping up with me on the KLR on twisty back roads and the occasional 70 mph highway stint just for a few miles here and there. You know, if it can't at least do that it's not real practical for us. The biggest thing is, can it comfortably do a 2 hour ride on twisty back roads to get to the trails? That's where my KLR shines, and I hope this is going to be as good for her...
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