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Originally Posted by Sniper X View Post
Dood, I'm like Cromagnon! I have a 86, 91, and a 97 trooper! My 97 spit a plug out about 3k miles after i bought it because the PO (fukin dumass) didn't tighten them right when he replaced them before I got it. The 91 I got for $100.00 and it is in excellent shape save for the hole in the oil pan where a rod bit came flying out after the girl i bought it from let her EXTEREEEMMMEEE boyfrend off road it one night.
My parents had an 87 trooper...great trucks...basic. Until you let a garage do the valves and the destroy them at 120k. My first truck was the 1992 2wd 4cyl Isuzu PU. Did I have fun in that truck
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