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Originally Posted by scottcolbath
Just call me dipshit.

So Dipshit...

See, the deal is, all this "discovering your 640" is exciting and fascinating to you and your fellow 2005 owners... and we can appreciate that.
But, we've been here awhile… some a long while, and have heard and seen most of it already... so you'll have to forgive us our tempered enthusiasm, and on occasion mild annoyance with you're "Gee Wiz! I've got to tell the world!!!" revelations.

KTMs vibrate a bit... KTMs make funny noises... KTMs need a little fine tuning in certain areas... KTM seats keep aftermarket seat makers in business... KTM bars are too fill in the blank... we know.

Don't let my jaded outlook dissuade you from posting further gushings of love and admiration for your orange-metalflake dream date... But, try using the search feature, and some of the post sort variables like by “replies” or “views”… and maybe just look around a bit, before you post another “Gee Wizzer”… OK?

Have fun, but try not to be too tedious... please

Buzz Kill

(This should be the one Chris )
So... how's tricks?
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