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So I got my Big Block rear in... and holy crap.. you guys aren't kidding this thing has a rock hard carcass. It's like a run-flat car tire. I can put all my weight on it and it barely deforms. I was able to snap a pics of the Big Block, the TKC 150 mounted on the wife's F8GS and the K60 140 on the rear of mine. The TKC has about 3,500 miles on it and my K60 is sporting over 8,500. Both are pretty square.

It's hard to tell from this picture but the BB is about 3/8" wider than the TKC, though the BB is unmounted. I'm curious to see what the measurement it once it's mounted. There shouldn't be any clearance issues with the BB.

Tread depth at the center of the BB is .4425" and I'll do my best to document it every 500 miles or so and I'll post up the results. I'm really curious to see if the tire carcass breaks in and becomes more pliable or if will continue to stay rock hard. Tire flex generates heat which also accelerates tire wear but a balance must be struck to have decent traction. Only time will tell.

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