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Rear Rack

I needed the tube bender to finish up my subframe and make a rear rack. Here's where I left off with just a single fender mount and no rear cross member.

I used my bender to put two equal bends in a piece of 3/4" tube. This photo was from early in the fitting process. The final angles were close to 90 degrees.

Once I got the cross tube fitted I used this piece of aluminum plate to hold it in position for welding. Having the two straight down tubes welded to a cross tube worked out OK, but I think a better solution would be to just use a single long tube and put two bends in it.

I had planned to have a detachable rear rack to save some weight when not in use, but decided simplify my design and have a small rack integral to the subframe. I bent these two 1/2" rails with my bender then ground the ends on a bench grinder so they would mate with the 3/4" subframe tubes.

Here's how they fit onto the subframe. I left some space in front between the rack and the seat to allow access to a seat lock.

To finish the rack I added a front cross member and a center rail.

In my design the fender hangs down below the rear cross tube. I made up this paper template for a small bracket then transfered that to a piece of 16 gauge steel.

I thought the rear cross tube will naturally be used to lift the bike up when it gets stuck in the sand or whatever, so I put a nice friendly radius on the bracket to allow fingers to slide in.

Here's the subframe just about finished except for brackets to mount the side racks, tool tray, seat, etc.

And a mock-up with my old seat pan and a load.

I very happy with my little rack. Its just the right size to carry a small pack and doesn't add much weight.

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