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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
Get gas in Madras, bring extra food, and be prepared to spend the night if something happens.
You're not going to see anyone for the next 70 miles of dirt road

Find "B" street at the North end of Madras, head East, and just keep going.
It starts out on this freshly graded (I saw the grader that day) gravel road.
If you look back towards Madras, you see this:

The gravel ends pretty quickly, and the road becomes dirt. Good Dirt. No dust dirt, this time of year.
Keep going past the cattle ponds, and you see just a bit of painted hills

after about 10 miles of decent dirt road, you get to rutville.
You DO NOT want to ride this road in the mud, when it's been wet.

Fortunately, the rancher trucks that drive here in Winter are not shod with aggressive treads, and the ruts they leave are smooth bottomed, and fairly easy to follow when it dries up.
I went pretty slow for a long ways here, this big bike likes to fall over rather than climbing over the ruts

You'll follow this nasty rutted road for 5ish miles or so down the hill into Ashwood.
This sign shows mileage for the shortcuts back to civilization.
I went the long way, and stayed away from it all.
Ashwood today is a small community of 6 or so families, and this old church

Next up is Donnybrook......

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