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Originally Posted by baldwithglasses
Could you heat the exterior race with your MAPP torch. You may have some success if you can drop some dry ice down the steerer tube. I'd think you want to take advantage of heat expansion/contraction.

Whaddya think?

Originally Posted by Beater View Post
I went there ... didn't do the cooling bit tho. I'll give it a try ... the science seems sound ...

This reminds me of a friend who worked for Rolls Royce Aero Engines at Filton in the UK. He was giving a colleague a lift to work because the guy couldnt get spindle out of the front wheel of his bike. They had tried heating and cooling as best they could but it was stuck fast. After a couple of days the guy with the problem comes out of work holding his rucksack very carefully and said to drive home very carefully and avoid any potholes in the road. When they arrived at his house he asked my friend into his garage where the offending wheel was supported between two saw horses. Reaching into his rucksack he takes out his thermos and proceeds to pour the contents down the hollow spindle. Within seconds it fell to the floor. Liquid Nitrogen is wonderful stuff.
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