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Yesterday with the invaluable help from my friend Luke (this is his ADV screen name too), we split the cases to replace the countershaft. In my short 11 year motorcycling career, this is my first case split What an experience!

Here we go:

Right Cover Off

Clutch Basket Next

Used an air gun to remove the 27mm nut behind the clutch basket. That worked well.

Removed the kickstarter, oil pump, ignition sensor, etc to strip out the right side components completely.

Next up was the case split. This took some time and a lot of elbow grease. Definitely the most difficult task in the whole process was this center case separation.

Here we go.
I made a case splitter using two 4' lengths of 2x2 an used a chunk of 2x4 to make fulcrum and applied the pressure on opposite sides of the case through the cylinder opening:

The start of some separation

Finally got the case pins separated

The propane torch is coming in handy trying to loosen up the case pins


The crankshaft and transmission look good for a 17 year old XR

The new countershaft

Look how crisp the splines are

The old splines (just for reference)
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