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Arctic project (Epic Arctic Ride)

Hey Hey hey!!!

How is the winter going in your necks of the woods.? Here it has been a typical Victoria Winter. We had what they call here a snow storm. Somewhere else they call this a dusting of snow. A couple of inches and the whole British like town was paralyzed. But, faithful to my winter riding love affair I was on the road.. Actually what was funny is that in the midst of this two day white hell (That is what they called it) the news crews were out and somehow I happened to be riding by as they filmed this catastrophic event. You could see cars sliding and buses skidding, and was this lonely little BMW bike riding by. Frosty and i were out doing what we like.
By the end of the day I had a few Emails and Facebook messages saying "Hey? We saw you on the news you nut case!"
By the way! I am not on Facebook anymore. I got tired of watching people writing about themselves making eggs in the morning or going shopping and finding this lifetime deal on leopard pattern underwear. Holy Crap!! What is happening to the human race??
Anyway I deleted the account over three weeks ago and messages (Emails) asking me why I am not their friends anymore have stopped. Actually to answer one of them I walked out my door and knocked on his door and said "Give your head a shake! I live next door to you fer Krissesake!"

Anyway! I got some exciting news. I am going to go for 4 1/2 weeks, 10,000 kilometres ride exploring the Arctic Circle and discover its people while riding a bike on the two of the most Northern roads in Canada. Fort Mc Murray to Fort St John and the Tuk Ice Road. We will ride two new BMW F800 Gs given to us for use by BMW Motorrad. And also a new BMW Gran Turismo as our support vehicle. I know! I know!! it is rough... An eternal "Thank you" To Robert Dexter and Norm Wells from BMW Motorrad.
We have many sponsors behind us as well like Offices of tourism from BC, AB, Yukon, Ninuvit and NWT who are graciously supplying accommodation. Many motorcycle accessories and garments manufacturers are also jumping in. Verizon is onboard and so many others.
We will film and document this epic journey with the amazing support of Rogers networks as well as Open Film and Curbsyde Productions.
There will be Dog sled rides, Northern lights hunting, ice rallies and many other things are lined up as well. We are excited about spending time in the communities we will come across and partake in their day to day lives. I will finally be able to spend time with the very people so many, including myself have been saying I have blood and genes from. DO I smell time to drill some ice and go swimming??? Who knows.

This whole thing is not about motorcycles or motorcycling in the winter. It is about going through some of the most beautiful places on earth, discover some of the world's most renown geographical wonders and also be blessed enough to be able to let the world meet and know some of the most amazing people. Northern Canada is known the world over. We want to show it in a way that has never been done. And all this from a Motorcyclist's point of view. And in winter!!! Does not get any better than this.
We are not aiming at making the standard tourism documentary. NO!!! We want to put together an adventure for people to watch an say "Dagn! That looks like fun!" Even if they do not ride..

What a blast.

See more here

I will post more as we go. Jump along and join us.. D-Day is on February 12th, 2011

Hey Hey!! here we are. The launch was yesterday at Island BMW in Victoria. We had a great show up and I want to say thanks to them for all the work they did on the bike and getting us ready in time. it was great. Thanks Oggie and also to Heather as well for all the PR work. ;)

Here is the link to the launch video that Ted Hill from the Victoria Newsgroup did. Thanks Ted!

This link will hook up automatically to the OpenFilm site on the 1st of March and you will start to se the episodes appear shortly after this. We will upload videos and pictures as we go.

We are leaving this morning (Saturday) on the 9 AM ferry to Tsawassen. We are more than ready. Our first night is in Merritt BC, then ClearWater and on further north. We will upload videos and pics as we go and I will do here as well as often as I can.
I will post pictures of the bikes and rigs later on..

I will also post the Spot tracker links in here so you can follow us on Google Earth.

Looking back there has been a bit of change since I posted this.
Two F800 GS
One BMW X5
10,000 kms
6 weeks and all the way to Tuk. (Yep Rob! Will be thinking of you)
And Fort Mc' Murray to Fort St-John to Slave Lake and then west, then to Inuvik, then Tuk.. Either way it is all good...

Ride lots and stay safe

See you soon ;D

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