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Well! We made it to Merritt. it was pouring buckets till we started climbing about 20 clicks into the Coquahala, and then?? This happen.

As we started climbing up the snow packed up pretty quick and before we knew it the traffic was stopped. There were rigs at the chain up area that were not able to climb and they blocked the road. The CVSE guys were there and one of them came to us and said

"Damn! You are the coolest guys I have seen on the highway. Actually? I am jealous. Go on the side and get in front. If anyone has a tough time with this tell them I OK'd it" ;)

We gave each other a high five and we pulled ahead. it was very slippery as it was not quite cold enough to freeze solid. it was packed slush and we were sliding all over the place, fishtailing and doing the "drag the feet" dance. Most of the climb for the next 2 hours, because we could not go faster than 20 km/h and it was one lane got worse and worse. It was dicey!!! :o
it took us about 3 hours to get to Merritt. But we made it.. There was a lot of cars in the ditch and trucks as well. I am just damn happy that we stayed up and did not fall while riding that snot.. It was bad.

Settled in at the Ramada! Hey! We deserve it! >:(
Tomorrow we meet the organizer of "The great Canadian Bike Rally" at nine and we go to Clearwater. DO not know what the weather is supposed to be like. We will see!
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