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Second day

Well !We made it through our second day. Yesterday we ended up in Wells Gray National park in Clearwater BC. We stayed a the Clearwater Lodge.
We also got shot of the falls which are absolutely stunning. The bottom of the falls gets engulfed in a naturally shaped snow as ice cone. Must be seen

The road there was absolute nightmare. :o It was 3 inches of slush. Riding on this shit is like riding in snot. Not that I have before? but this stuff gives you [size=18pt]zero [/size]traction.

It took about an hour and a half to ride 26 kms.. Not fun. Even the X5 was slip sliding all over the place.. Once we got there it made it all worth it. a beautiful log home with all the luxury a tired rider needs. ;)

I also met my new friend "Quinn" a 200 lb Leamberger dog.

We got up from there and headed back out. This time it was another story. Plus we were escorted by Quinn's girlfriend whom I heard say I swear "He is mine you ass! Stay away from my boy"

The slush had frozen ad it gave us more traction. The weather was kind of warm. it was about -5C.
Once we made it out back to highway 5 north heading toward Jasper the road turned into a beautifully packed snow covered carpet where all you could see was white.
For a while it was snowing quite a bit and it was like heaven. The silent rolling of the tires on the sow covered ice is something to be experienced. it is so peaceful

Further down the road we stopped in Blue River at the Husky where the Waitress Alice (Her real name) was about as pleasant as a wrestler in a TuTu shop.

We had a great Hot oatmeal breakfast after a couple of hours of riding. we kept on going in this snow for about two hours. this is what it is all about. Tonight they say that there is a severe weather warning in Grande Prairie with winds of over 100 km/h. It will be done by the time we get there in two days.
We are spending two days in Jasper as there is a lot of work to be done. But first tomorrow we are being given a tour Moline Ice cave..
SO so far it has been good but not cold enough.. I am sure that as we go up we will get into more stuff that could freeze the balls off of a brass monkey.. Right on!! 8)

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