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Thanks for your replies so far... The motor is a 4 speed 250cc. I've been told that all the motors of that era had the same bottom end. There was a 175cc like the Campera that was mentioned and there was a 200cc as well. Pretty much change out the cylinder and you got the other sizes. Interchangeable parts, what a great idea!!

So it looks like I've solved one of my problems, the fork that comes off the shifter appears to have been bent about 1/8 inch and wasn't coming in contact with the "fingers" on the gear selector plate.

That leaves 2 more problems:
1. It is really hard to make it shift. I seem to be able to get it in all the gears, but I really have to fiddle with the shift lever to make it work. Sometimes it drops right in, but most of the time I have to move it back and forth before it will go to the next gear. I think there is a combination of things causing this, but it's kind of hard to pin-point what's really going on because to get everything in place so it will shift, you have to close it all up and you can't look inside to see what's going on. The slots in the gear shifter place are a bit worn and the pin that rides in the slot is worn as well, so I'm guessing things could hang up there. Also the shifting forks ends and the grooves they ride in are pretty worn as well, causing things to be a bit sticky.

2. The shafts are really hard to turn around. I have replaced all the bearings and it is well oiled, but when I stuck a drill on one end of the shaft to spin it around, it took a great deal of torque to get it to move.

BTW- I do have pictures of the inside, and was going to post them tonight, but left the camera in the workshop so can't get it till tomorrow.

I have some spare parts so will look through them to see if I can find some parts that are not as well worn to see if that will help with the shifting, but not sure what to do with the "binding" of the shafts.

To make this post a little more interesting here are some pictures of the project.

For some reason I didn't shoot any before shots of the bike I am currently working on, but here are some pictures of my other bike I plan to build later. The current bike was in similar shape:

This is what I hope the finished bike will look like...

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