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Prodigy, etc

Hello again,

We're looking at putting the bridge on all Prodigy gloves; so if you've ordered the Prodigy please let us know if that's an issue. We'll also follow up at the end of the group buy.

Originally Posted by Brtp4 View Post
First, communicating ideas are important to me. Being an internet PITA is not, that is why I deleted my post.

That picture is not from nylon. It is from the pinkie contacting the ground, the glove leather rotating, exposing the soft unreinforced fourchette to the asphalt. That happens often, I studied it when it happened to Ben Bostron (at Daytona) and Matt Waite (at Sers Point IIRC). It has happened to many others.

This situation is why Alpinestars has the finger bridge between the #s 3 and 4 fingers. That feature is patented. And by the way, I created that feature and patent.

In the most constructive way, I would advise against tying yourself to Kevlar thread in such an absolute way.

Brtp4- I really do appreciate your post and wish you would bring it back. I completely understand what must go through the minds of some when reading about our "project". We don't have factory riders or huge advertising exposure, hell we don't even go to the motorcycle "shows". What a joke, right?

With that being said, I was and am very serious about having our gloves tested against the competition. Any chance you could help with such an endeavor?

Maybe get some free glove pairs from your preferred source and send them to SATRA for testing and we'll do the same? Only problem is cost; we're willing to fund our testing costs but that may be a hard sell to any mainstream manufacturer. Not much to gain and a fat lip if my gloves are even half as good as I say..

Anyone good friends with Pete from SATRA? Maybe they could offer us a group buy CE testing session ;)
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