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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post

You posted it, what were thinking?
Naw, just kidding, it sound like an adventure rain or shine. And if it snows, we can just go to N. Cali somewhere and take pics there, nobody'll know the difference...

So, you're still thinking about it Peterman ?...?...
there's no better place to say "I told you so" than from the tent next over........
I'm not known for my thinking things thru skills, but I do have fun, I rode the diamond lake 200 on my first DR 650 with street tires and 2 hours of off pavement experiance, then rode the OBDR #3 the next year with not a lot more experience though I did put knobbies on for that. Bottom line is I watched my parents save for their retirement only for my Dad to have a brain anurisem and my Mom having to take care of him for 9 years. Made me decide to live life now and if I get a speeding ticket or a broken rib living my life so be it, sure beats falling off the couch and drowning in the tear filled Cheetoes bag.
Ride what makes you giggle in your helmet
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