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Originally Posted by Ian123 View Post

Thought I would just check with Shorai on suitability of my existing charger. very helpful response see below

Hi Ian,

Their documentation indicates that the charger should be fine for LFX, as the DESULFATE mode is based on sensing a high battery resistance. Since Shorai LFX ALWAYS have considerably lower resistance than even a brand-new lead-acid battery, the desulfate mode should never “kick in”. The only possible exception I can think of would be extreme cold, if the charger does not compensate for temps. I therefore recommend that it be used only when ambient is 32f (0 C) or higher.

In order for the recovery mode to engage, the OptiMate circuit needs to "see" a high resistance across the battery

terminals. In the case where the battery remains connected to the vehicle's wiring system, any battery-supported
accessories will automatically lower the overall resistance (battery plus accessories) that the OptiMate is going to
"read" when it tries to pass the limited maximum 200 mA to the battery. Therefore the OptiMate will not read the
battery resistance as being high enough to indicate deep discharge / sulphation and therefore will not engage the
recovery mode.

However, if you ride even once a month, you should never need to charge the LFX. We are NOT lead-acid, do not sulfate, have slow self-discharge, and do not need to be constantly fully charged!!

That is good news. Now I don't have to by a second charger,
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