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Originally Posted by s1marks View Post
The 'loose' plan was to leave on Saturday 23rd and ride it North to South. I think John wants to ride every inch of it and not miss anything! I'm less worried about covering it all in one session, I want ot have some fun riding it and camp out in the wilds with good company. I need to be home by Sunday 31st for work the following day.

Ernie, you'll I think you 'rode' with John out at Hells Canyon and 'waited' for me. I think you'll find me a heck of a lot swifter on the KLR, I'm a lot less concerned about droppomg it and the TKC's on it were a revelation, particularly when it gets a little slimey. Planning on bringing the KLR to Hells Canyon this year.

Well our little secret is out. We will take all the cool riders we can fit it sounds like. Although we may have to split into smaller groups in order to cover ground. So soon we will all meet at a location TBD that is close enough for everybody and discuss a plan of attack. I want to crush this OBDR. Soooo excited. Please give post or pm where you live to centralize the meeting location. Thanks John
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