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Day 14: Saturday June 26th, 2010

We decided to stay in town one more day. Partially to recover from the Dawson event, and part to explore in the area a bit more.

But first I decided to change out the worn front tire on Tiger with the Battle wing I scored for free.

Then we went to our favorite restaurant for breakfast.

Eggs Benedict again.

Above the town of Dawson is "The Dome" a fantastic viewpoint.
We rode up there and checked out the view. It was breathtaking.
Here's a panorama.

On this detailed picture looking south you can see all the tailing piles left by the dredges. Those big "worm trails" at the bottom of this picture are visible for miles, even from Google Earth.

The west, you overlook the city of Dawson.

And to the North the Yukon river.

We actually fell asleep up here for a while.

Then after our nap, it was time to cross the river again.
We had been told there was an old "Steamship graveyard" where all the old paddle wheel boats had been run aground and left to rot once their service lives had ended.

We rode along the edge of the river...

and there they were.

Amazing! It looked like there were about six of them all "parked" up on the shore.

I had to go exploring!

You could see the old smoke stacks.

and parts of the old paddle wheels.

I crawled around inside them.

I found one of the old steam driven pistons that drove the paddle wheel.

Closeups of some of the old paddle wheels that would drive the ship.

Over time the decks had all collapsed.

You can almost make out the name of the ship.

Crawling inside I found to old boiler that created the steam for the pistons.

Looking form the inside of the hull, out into the river this fins ship used to travel up and down.

It kind of made me sad to think of the past, and how this land had changed. It's rich history, and now, how these pieces of historic engineering were now just laying here like dead skeletons. Memories of a time and an era that has passed.

Solemnly, we took the ferry back across the river to Dawson.

I had to stop here at the KTM Co.

Then it was back to camp to have dinner.

As we ate, we got new neighbors in a really nice airstream. MAG and I secretly lust after airstream trailers. But right now we are on the tent budget.

It turns out they had a flat tire.

We offered to help change the tire, but they had it all under control.

Later that evening I met the brother of a good friend of mine from CT.
He was also on a motorcycle trip. Small world.

Then sleep happened even though it was still daylight at 2:00am...

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