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I was trying to help you in a subtle way. I wish you would have let things go.

I am not available to assist you. Your "marketing" program is to bash other companies, inaccurately, instead of focusing on your own product.

---I'm not one to link myself to any company due to admiration. Very simply, put up or shut up. My marketing "program" is to tell it EXACTLY like it is. I can understand that you won't or can't accept that.
Focusing on my own product requires putting a spotlight on what the "mainstreamers" are or more adequetly, aren't doing.

Additionally, though your passion is admirable, you lack context and experience. This is causing you to make claims and take positions that are flat out untrue. I will give you the benefit of the doubt that it is inexperience.

---We're building motorcycle gloves here, not rocketships. We're simply trying to adhere to a baseline safety standard that Alpinestars and Dainese both don't pursue. Why? I think that's obvious. Cost or inability, you choose!!

Just a heads-up, several of the companies that you bash spend millions working with professional racers to legitimately make them safe.

--- I can assure you that most ADVRiders aren't buying a $2500.00 airbag system. How about some real world product development? For real people?

They are serious and sincere about it. Dainese and Alpinestars in particular are far more serious about safety than you credit them for.

--- I appreciate Alpinestars much more than Dainese. IMO Dainese is nothing more than a marketing program that YOU pay heavily for.

They get real information from highly professional racing programs that you will never discover working with SATRA or a belt sander.

--- So, it is your opinion that the EU protection standards aren't worth pursuing?

This would not be a point of discussion at all, except that you bash these programs and boast too much about yours, both out of context.

---Facts my friend. I have a glove design that has passed CE testing guidlines for "PROFESSIONAL MOTORCYCLE GLOVES"
Dainese and Alpinestars do not...

---Is it possible they don't care about EU testing? Sure. Still doesn't change the facts...

So, no, I will not bring back the post and will not assist you.

--- I wouldn't bring it back either


Why should I let it go, when you so clearly started the "discussion". I'm more than willing to go the distance ;)
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