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Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post
Or some semblance thereof.
I ran into Vatrader01 at Lowes the other day and we must have talked for a 3-4 hours. While we were there a red Vstrom showed up. It was allonsye! We had a mini ADV rally right there in the Lowes parking lot! We all talked for another 2+ hours! One of the things we talked about was to try and get a meet and greet together.
So...what do you guys and gals think of a meet and greet somewhere in a central location to all who are interested in coming? I'm hoping to get some NOVA folks, Cat Herders, SMIB's and anyone else in between.
Shout out if interested. Depending on who wants to come will help decide where to meet up. It could be for breakfast or lunch. If there are people coming a long distance lunch may be better.
Some ideas I have are The Old Salem restaurant in beautiful downtown Marshall. They have a huge dinning room. The food has been good the three times I have eaten there. There are some good roads in the area to ride after the meal.
Another option is Christina's Cafe in Strasburg. I haven't eaten there but some friends have and they liked it. They have awesome espresso! There are some excellent roads in this area too!
Vatrader and allonsye had some good ideas for restaurants too. Hopefully they will chime in with their suggestions.
So who's "IN" and or has any other ideas???
Hell yea, I'm in for Old Salem restaurant, they make a hellluva fresh ground hamburger. Some of us have met up before at the southern kitchen in New Market, good eats there as well. Speaking of fresh ground, Allonsye used to be able to fresh grind coffee but no more.
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