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I'm looking at getting HDB guards as well but I notice in the pics below that one left the bar weights on and the other took them off. Could this be the cause of the tightfit?

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Myself, I did not like the fact the guards were so far out and put tension on the end of the handlebar due to the long lever arm. The handlebar is aluminum and aluminum does not have an infinite fatigue life beneath the yield strength like steel, so the less load the better at least in my opinion. But again, I am probably over exaggerating it and it is not a problem.

You can bend them in a vise without heat, it is no big deal, but it was a lot of trial and effort to get it perfect, then again my vise sort of sucked as it was not properly bolted down to my workbench but only retained by pins for easy removal.

I think maybe HDB should have a template that is a go or no go for these guards to get a better bend accuracy, seems like we all have something in common that way. But then the hour or so I spent bending would be spent by HDB and the hand guards would be more expensive.
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The hand guards are certainly difficult to get started...
When tightened up they fit perfectly!!

Just installed my third set, and it's pretty straight forward now.
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