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Originally Posted by pnoman View Post
If you will put up with an out-of-stater, I'd like to meet and re-meet y'all. So you saw vatrader01, eh? He is a most interesting guy. We've had a few good discussions - mostly WV Historical Markers and what life must have been like in years past.

I'd like to join in unless I've been banned for my WV Tag rants ("What? The 10th consecutive tag in the same county??!!" )

Vatrader01 and I met once for lunch at a nice BBQ diner in Shenandoah - Uncle somebody?? They had room for maybe 20-30 or more, if I remember. Probably not big enough.
Aw-jeez, I see the neighborhood still attracts the wild ones. How's the pnoman??

Be fun to get the tag players together, the new and old. Where ain't as important as just doing it. The NOVA riders are pretty familiar with Northern Fauquier County by now. They take a bear out his natural environment and take him down into the red light district. Somebody needs to drop a dime on that crew.

If that SMIB bunch is in, I nominate the back room of the Knotty Pine in Hell Town as a meeting place.

Handy for me, as several bail bondsmen usually sit outside. I don't have any dirt on the Magistrates in the other jurisdictions.

You invitin' gypsies and carny's too? Ruckus riders?
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