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Tungsten has a lower coeficient of friction than moly. It withstands greater pressure and higher temperatures. It is also smaller in particle size than moly. So small that it can go through the oil filter so I will also be using it in the Mobile 1 that I use for the engine (There are a lot of people using it in their auto and motorcycle engines). The tungsten is so slippery that it will not even stick to itself so it will lay down a layer on the metal parts that is about 0.6 microns thick. One micron is 1/1000 of a milimeter.

Previously Tungsten (WS2) was quite a bit more expensive than Moly (MoS2) but the price has come down to almost what Moly is.

I also make my own spline lube with Wurth Sig 3000 grease and moly powder but for next time it will be with WS2.
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