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Originally Posted by Shoganai
This is for anyone who started riding after age 30.
That would include me then

Originally Posted by Shoganai
2. What was your first bike?
F650GS Dakar. Purchased two years ago on my 30th birthday.

Originally Posted by Shoganai
3. How do you feel about starting so late?
I don't mind starting so late. I think if I started when my Dad wanted me to, I would probably be dead by now - I had no sense back then.

My ol' man has been riding M/C's since he was 14 and was racing them by 18 (he rides a 2004 R1 now and he's 55). He is able to strip down bikes to their nuts and bolts (including that 2004 R1) then put them back together again with his eyes closed - although, I do wish I had that skill. Anyway, when I started University, he wanted to buy me a M/C as a cheap form of transportation around Edinburgh but me being me, wanted a car. Well, Scottish winters are friggen cold and it rains all friggen summer. Dad couldn't afford to buy a car (he was paying for me to attend Uni after-all but I didn't appreciate that back then). Anyhoo, I was too stubborn; "if I couldn't have a car then I'll be dang it if I were having a bike", so I ended up spending the next 4 years walking in the pissing rain or bus-ing it...TWAT. Told you I had no sense back then.

Now, when I call Mum and Dad, Dad is enthusing all the time about "bikes this and bikes that".

Originally Posted by Shoganai
4. What bikes have you progressed to / thru?
The F650 was my first which I sold last year, went 6 months without a bike and recently bought a R1200GS. I loved my Dakar but I'm really enjoying that 1200...."Thanks" Dad to keeping the faith.
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