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Carb Vent Tee?

Originally Posted by Doogle View Post
Im in La Junta Chile.I went about 200 miles from Esquel today.I am riding the Carratera Austral-what ever that is.It is dirt and gravel with not many people on it.The bike sputtered on me and I switched to the reserve gas.It was way too soon to need to do that.But when I did,it ran ok.WHeen I switched back to the normal gas position,a little later,it quit.In the middle of nowhere and raining.I checked the carb bowl-full.Then I drained it.I got full flow from the tank.I checked and had a good spark with my old plug.Still would not start.I poured some gas in the vacuum hose that feeds the petcock-and it started.I let it idle 5 minutes.Tryed to ride off,and it quit after 50feet.I was pushing it off the road when a guy and his little boy asked if I needed help.He had a small flatbed truck.We loaded it on the truck and headed to his town,La Junta.I have it in his small horse shed.i WILL ALSO SET MY TENT UP IN THE SMALL UNUSED space.There is a restaurant 2 blocks away.And I am at a Copec gas station that has internet computers.A man at the restaurant told me it rains 24 hours a day this time of the years.I think I am going to set my tent up and go to bed early.

The way this problem comes and goes so abruptly,I think it may be a sticky valve.When I put gas in the intake,I held my finger on the vacuum line and felt good vacuum.Of course it started then.So if it is a sticky valve,it may have cooled off and closed.Atleast I'm not setting my tent up in the middle of nowhere.

Don't know how often I will get to use the internet here.At least I'm1500 miles farther from home now than the last time the bike quit.
Doug, JohnF from Cincinnati. I had an '08 KLR and remember doing the "Carburetor vent line Tee modification". That modification was to install a tee in the float bowl's vent line. The reason was to allow any water that may have become "stuck" in the vent line to drain out. With the tee the bowl would be vented to atmosphere by a tube that runs upward to an always dry location under the tank as well as by the original vent line running downward. If the vent line becomes "plugged" with water the results are erratic fuel delivery. That's just a WAGuess but worth trying. Best of wishes for your adventure!
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