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Then I wandered around the base doing some more "full throttle touring". Actually, despite being on a military base, many of the roads had 50 or even 55MPH speed limits. That meant running pretty close to full throttle much of the time.

I saw some interesting signs and followed them untill I found myself along the Tennessee river.

This old dock didn't look like it had been used for quite a while.

The view in the other direction.

There was also a small RV park near the river but I didn't take any pics. it looked like a real peacefull spot to camp.

Some more exploring and I ended up on a dirt road.

I would have liked tp explore it some more, it had several branches, but my fuel guage was pretty close to empty so I decided it was time to find a gas station. I've been getting over 70 MPG but with a tank that holds only 1.35 gallons (Claimed), it doesnt give me very much range. A few miles later the guage was at zero and it was still several miles to a gas station. I had a few nervous miles but made it to the station. 81 miles and 1.07 gallons. One of these days I plan on carrying a fuel bottle and running the tank dry, just to see how much it really holds.

On the way home I saw one more interesting site.

These things were so big I couldn't fit them all in the picture unless I wanted to take a long hike.

Here's another angle.

The big one on the left is a Saturn one. It's over 16 stories tall. The others from the left are: Hermes, German V-2, Jupiter, Redstone, and Jupiter C. I can imagine that watching one of these things lift off would be an impressive sight. The power and the fury would even be greater than than displayed by my Super 8's mighty 150cc engine!!!
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