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Originally Posted by bgoodsoil View Post
I didn't have any carb cleaner. Maybe a jet was clogged.

We pulled the muffler off and looked into the exhaust port. There were streaks down the side of the piston. We had a bright blue spark and still couldn't get it to fire using starter fluid. I emptied the float bowl, there was a lot of water in it. We're getting fuel to the bowl. Jenna checked that with the bowl drain. The slide's moving fine.

Jenna got the good 2-stroke oil that's made for oil-injection. Changed the oil in the sump. 20w50 dino juice motorcycle oil. I kicked it with the muffler off and they saw a flame come out. Even with the low compression I expected to at least get it to run badly but it didn't run at all.

Putting on the Sherlock hat: I'd say somebody older owned this bike and they gave it to a nephew or a son. That guy happened to be a stoner teenager that runs it into a creak and causes all kinds of mayhem in the top end. Worst case scenario: bore the cylinder for $75, get new pistons and rings for $50.

Anybody know if a TS250 top end will fit?
Nope. WORST case scenario is rusted crank roller bearings, conecting rod needle roller bearings on both ends. I hope it's NOT the case, but I've done a few sleds that were sunk and set. The transmission calls for 10-30 oil, not 20-50, JFWIW when you get it running.
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