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Oh geez....


I'd say it's toast! Yeah, the piston is really scored, but I'm not sure what to do about the jug?


There is only a couple of places you can actually feel any of the scoring you see here. But otherwise, it is very smooth. So I don't know if I should just get it honed, or go 1 over?

This concerns me too...


Doesn't look like a rat chewed on it, but, I'm hoping the bottom end is ok?

So, I've located a few cylinder heads that the owners claim to be smooth. If there is just a tad of scoring on the head, does it need to be bored one over, or honed, or plug it and run it?! Obviously I'll be getting piston and rings. What say you oh 2-stroke geniuses. Oh, one more thing, I was only able to find synthetic 2-stroke injector oil. How bad is that? Do I have to run mineral?




Hey Brad, I left my beer hiding jacket at your place. Don't use it as a shop rag!!!!!

Oh, who hones/bores cylinder heads out in Atlanta?
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