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In this thread, we will post up trax for anyone interested in getting off road in Northwest Arkansas. There may even be some stuff out of Eureka Springs for the Hillbilly run.

So if you have anything to share, throw into the mix. I know Charlies and 10cup have trax north into MO and those would apply to the Hillbilly run, hopefully they will post em.

Would like to ask that you post a discription of the trax and if it would be BIG BIKE firendly for those with big bikes of lets get to it.

Here is a "catalog" of what we have so far. These are in order both numerical and alphabetical. Distance is shown in 3 digits.. Ex. 050 is 50 miles, 085 is 85 miles, all one way, etc

The Arkansas 500, AR ADV Camp and Single Track routes are at the bottom of this post.

Let me know if you find a link that is not working.

NOTE: All of these are off road!

White Rock Mtn DETOUR for those in a car or truck

From the NORTH

From the SOUTH, I-40

From Shores Lake if you are camping

Most of these are "Big Bike" friendly..county dirt roads...Warloop and Pannell roads are NOT big bike friendly!

015-Mountainberg to Alma, back roads

045-Devils Den back to WR via different route from that listed below

046-White Rock to Devils Den State Park

050-White Rock to Natural Dam

058-White Rock to Historical Ft Smith, Judge Parkers Court and Museum-WESTERN ROUTE

064-White Rock to Historical Ft Smith, Judge Parkers Court and museum-EASTERN ROUTE

065-White Rock to Ozone Burger Barn, hwy 21

066-White Rock to the Confederate Cemetery in Fayetteville. Big bike friendly

066.5-Elvis rotue from White Rock to Natural Dam-Bonus, two routes in this download, another Rte to Partheon..rotue, not a track

067-White Rock to Praire Grove Civil War Battlefield

070-White Rock to historical Cabin..east of hwy 21

074-White Rock loop over the Bobby Hopper Tunnel on I-540

075-FYV to Buffalo River

080-White Rock to Eureka Springs/Wasburn MO, part 1 of 2

083-ROUTE-Olearys WR, Morgan Mtn to St Paul

083-TRACK-Olearys WR, Morgan Mtn St Paul

086-TAT-Western AR to OK state line

088-Oark to Low Gap (Buffalo River)

096-White Rock to Eureka Springs/Wasburn MO, part 2

097-Shores Lake south to Bobby Hopper Tunnel

100-Siloam to Pannell & Ntrl Dam back to FYV This is a route

100-White Rock to Whoopteedo Rd.

108-White Rock to Jasper AR

110-Siloam to Pannell & Ntrl Dam w/more dirt back to FYVThis is a route

114 FYV-Ntl Dam Remember, Pannell Rd is NOT big bike friendly!

121-FYV to Natural Dam via Bobby Hopper tunnel and Pannell Rd. WARNING- Pannell Rd NOT BIG BIKE FRIENDLY!

126-Wookazoid Trax, east of Oark

135-FYV to Pineville MO Big bike friendly

140 Caddo GapTRACK

141-White Rock thru Oark to the Ozark Ntl Forest east of hwy 21--trax from Zecatfish-part NOT big bike friendly

147-White Rock to Ima Jerk BBQ via Bobby Hopper Loop-ROUTE

147-TRACK for the WR to Ima Jerk BBQ above

153 FYV to Ponca

155 - Track, Bull Shoals Dayride by O'Leary

181-Bobby Hopper Tunnel, Pannell Rd, Oark..route from JasonK94Z-not big bike friendly

200 Withrow Springs to Oark-ROUTE

200 Withrow Springs to Oark-TRACK

209-ROUTE-Oleary's loop to Natural Dam for lunch then massive "Iron Butt" ride

209-TRACK-Olearys "Iron Butt' Loop

238-Haw Creek Loop thru the Ozarks-use the WR to Whoopteedo Rd to get to Haw Creek..this is a route from JasonK94Z

238-Haw Creek Loop MODIFIED by Zecatfish--some of these roads are not on any maps

Chimney Rock

Evlis's Ntl Dam Warloop and Pannell Rds loop..NOT BIG BIKE FRIENDLY! distance unk

BYPASS-Lee Creek/Pannell Rd. 32 mile bypass to Natural Dam..this will keep you off Pannell Rd and out of Lee Creek

BYPASS-Warloop road. This will keep you off Warloop Rd

Eureka Springs to Oark, or vice versa--071 miles

Frog Bayou--EXPERIENCED RIDERS ONLY! Rough Single track

MAPS-Link to DualSportsmaps dot com

MAPS-links to free topo maps to use in Mapsource

Tutorial--How to add a 2nd route in Mapsource

AR ADV Camp Trax

140 Withrow Springs-route

140 Withrow Springs-track

155 Bull Shoals Dayride-route

155 Bull Shoals dayride-track

155 LongPool-route

155 LongPool-track

200 Withrow Springs-route

200 Withrow Springs-track


140 Caddo Gap ROUTE-Wolf Pen-Clock Wise-big bike friendly

140 Caddo Gap ROUTE-Wolf Pen-Counter Clock Wise-big bike friendly

140 Caddo Gap Track

Arkansas 500


O'leary trax-day 2


AR5002014-gpx All 3 days in one GPX file

Day 1 170 mi, Turpcrk to Longpool

Day 2 183 mi, Longpool to Buffalo Point

Day 3 150 mi Buffalo Point to TurpCreek

Single Track

Bryds ADV Ctr

SLAP at Bryds 2014 Not big bike friendly!

Mill Creek

SINGLE TRACK-White Rock to Frog Bayou

SINGLE TRACK-From WR to Mill Creek

SINGLE TRACK-Blue loop at Mill Creek

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