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I have another thread about problems I've had recently.But let me start new.My 06 KLR650 quit running about 1400 miles ago,way north of Santiago.Finally got it running,and don't know what I did.!400 miles were perfect.Then IT came back.I had great support from this forum.But I never identified the problem.The bike quit in the middle of nowhere in the rain with little traffic.A guy with a small flat bed truck picked me up and took me to his small horse shed.I set my tent up inside and had a dry place to work.

What I have done so far:
I have good carb venting.Easy blow through.
I have a good strong spark.Even after it dies-when I get it running
My float is set very close to spec.There is gas in the bowl.It is a CV carb.
The CV diaphragm looks good.
I took the carb apart.Looks clean.Blew thru all orifices and jets that I could.
Dumped most of my gas (7 gallon tank)into a bucket.No debris or water.
I have vacuum(can't say how much.Feeling from petcock vacuum hose).
Feels like good compression with spark plug out and turning over.

The couple times I got it started I let it idle.After about 5 minutes it stops.Immediately with an old plug on the side of the motor I have a good spark.I open the float bowl drain,and it drains a lot.I pull the petcock vacuum line and put one end in a gas can to suck gas straight into the intake,and it doesn't start.10 minutes later this method starts the motor.And 5 minutes later it quits again.

Only thing left I can think of is a sticking valve.When it warms up,it sticks.Before leaving the USA the bike had 10,000 miles on it.I set all the valves to the widest gap that was still in spec.Thinking I could do this trip without need to readjust.!2,000 miles now.I haven't checked the clearance yet.But I don't suspect a clearance problem to cause this.I don't think it would be such an abrupt stop.Would appreciate any thoughts.I want to spend Christmas in the USA.My internet is spotty here.A town of less than 200.And it is hard to get time on the 2 computers at the gas station,if they are open and if the internet is working.

Desperate Doug
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