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Originally Posted by Shoganai
This is for anyone who started riding after age 30.

I'll phrase the first question in my Mom's exact words, "WTF were you thinking?" (5 years later her opinion hasn't changed)

2. What was your first bike?

3. How do you feel about starting so late?

4. What bikes have you progressed to / thru?

I was 31 when I got my license through the local rider's class. I got my 1st bike the following spring and I haven't looked back since... I had been wanting a bike since I was about 19 but due to life happening I wasn't able to get one until last year...

My first bike was (and still is) a Yamaha V-Star 650 Silverado. I had done my shopping years before and after a lot of looking that was the one I knew I was going to get. (Though I have to admit that I waffled a bit about a week before I bought it giving consideration to a DS...) I by far do not regret my decision, though I eagerly anticipate picking up a DS as soon as I am financially able to! I can't see myself ever getting rid of my Silverado though...

I think waiting to start riding was a very good thing, though I do miss the years that could have been. I have a maturity now that (I hope) will allow me to ride for many years to come. Had I started younger, my daughter may not have a father at this time.

I haven't progressed to another bike yet, but I was close to picking up a KLR650 a few months back. That dream was torn from me thanks to the evil IRS, but that is a different thread... Hopefully I can scrounge the green to get that KLR if it is still around, but if winter comes then I will save up to spring for a new DS next season... A BMW 650 GS, or 1200 GS if I am very very lucky!
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