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Originally Posted by HapHazard View Post
I'd suggest checking the head to make sure it isn't warped. The shade tree method is to lay it gasket side down on a glass plate (or even against a window) and make sure it's absolutely flat. Small differences can be cleaned up by putting emery cloth between the glass and head and moving the head over the emery in a circular motion. The shop you're having your cylinder work done in could probably check it out on their flat plate.

Also, I'd vote for changing those crankshaft seals now. It'll never be easier or cheaper!

Neat bike! Best of luck!
Aw, shit. So many things to think about. I just ran down and checked it on a piece of marble. Looks very flat to me. I'm a bit nervous to split the cases, and I'm low on trying to be economical. This thing still needs a bit of money thrown at it.

Hey Richard, the bike and I will both be very un-pc. That's how I like to roll...
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