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Originally Posted by Autodidact View Post
The standard model has ABS, the R model doesn't.

When you turn the power on from the ignition lock and the dash does the self test thing, it has a number reading on it. This is the length of the trail of the front tire, one full turn. You can adjust this so the odo will record correctly. I am not sure if this has any effect on the speed reading though.

I do not remember if the Adventure does this when you turn the key, and currently am not able to check. A Super Duke does. They have the exact same dash panel, so this would indicate that the functionality is the same.
The Adventure does have a way to tell the computer what the front wheel size is. Of course, the standard setting for wheel size is 21" (WS 21) by default. To tell the computer differently, follow these instructions:

Step one: Mode = Trip F
Step two: Hold Mode and Set buttons until WS21 displays on screen (~ 10 sec).
Step three: hit "mode" until "19" shows
Step four: Hit "set"
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