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Originally Posted by bgoodsoil View Post
I saw someone comment on the thumper forum saying that the left side crank bearing is oiled by the 2-stroke tank somehow? They said that's why you can't run pre-mix in this engine. Anybody know anything about that? Again, it was a random comment on the internet and doesn't make a lot of sense but I thought I'd ask.
What Suzuki did with the CCI injection was to inject oil from the pump directly into the main bearings, rather than relying on a "watered down" mixture. As the oil exited the mains it was collected by a "slinger plate" that captured the oil through centrifugal force and was feed into the center of the crank pin, to again provide concentrated oil to the lower needle bearing.

Because of this design the openings in the rod are small, and the main is shielded from the fuel/air mix, thus both will be starved for oil if you disconnect the pump.
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