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Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post
Hey all. Well not much to report today. Cleaned the holy hell out of the engine and removed the oil pump cleaned it and checked and flushed the lines. I had to bleed the pump on my RT 360, and the pump on this one looks very similar, but much harder to get to. I'm going to take my chances on the bottom end and just run what I've got.

I am having a problem with the forks. I've replaced many a fork seals on the ST, and it was easy. But I have to remove the stanchion and have so far been unable to. Used and air wrench but the damper is still spinning. Reassembled the forks, but that didn't help. I still do not have the manual, and stuff online is not specific to this bike. Anybody familiar with it? Or have any advice ?
So, have you got the fork caps installed and tightened down before you use the air wrench to remove the dampner bolt? Hopefully, because the is the easy way to do it. And you may have to use big twist, like a 1/2 air wrench, with the caps screwed all the way down for resistance.
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