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The VAST majority of 2-T seizures are from going lean somehow, not from lack of lubrication. I agree that you should not run premix - except for a short time at startup to make sure the oil pump is working. There should have been a cable split from the throttle, hooked-up to that arm on yer oil pump. That'll increase oil flow with demand from yer 'go-faster' genes. As has already been posted, check all of the oil system carefully, and replace whatever looks suspect.

Don't be afraid to split the cases, and replace the crank seals. The only odd tool you may need is a puller for the flywheel/ignition rotor. Invest the time now, and a few more bucks for the seals - no sense in doing otherwise. You'll thank yourself 20K miles later.

The damper rod in the forks may need to be held in place from the top for removal. But first, look to see if there's a snap-ring on top of the fork seal. If there's one on top there, just remove it along with the fork caps and springs, then treat the upper tubes like slide-hammers and drive the old seals out that way. With that type of fork, the damper rod just stays in place at the bottom, 'cause the circlip and seal are the top-stop. If there's no circlip over the seal, then you'll need to remove that bolt into the damper rod from the bottom.

Good luck. Read the manual carefully and take your time doing the work - you seem plenty capable mechanically, just lacking in confidence. But once you've got that 'lil Suzi running sharply, you'll be feeling like tackling CBX's and Desmosedeci's.
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