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Ok, you talked me into it. I'm heading to work but will post pics later of what I'm looking at. I just ordered crankshaft seals right and left as I was uncertain which one I will be able to get to, fork seals and shift seal.

Once I have the manual, I won't be as apprehensive. Thank you all for helping me in this. A little time and money spent now, will last a long time. I did reassemble the forks with tension, and damper still spins. Looking at the seal there is a snap ring but I just cannot imagine getting that seal past the shoulder in the stanchion!!???? Also, not sure if anyone knows about this but I've read many times in old brochures for the ts that the front forks are 3 way adjustable! And there are 3 settings, to change all you do is remove the rubber cap on the fork top, use a flat screwdriver and just turn clockwise for stiffer front. I don't thing the '81 has this, the fork cap is just 1/2" drive?
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