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Thanks guys! I m sorry about not having posted yesterday but we had a busy schedule. I rode the road from Grande Prairie to Peace River alone yesterday as joe had a front flat and we put his bike in the trailer. I did the whole 200 km in one shot at -25 C or so. it was an epic day.. it was snowing and there was some powder snow on the road. so every time i came across a rig or something bigger than me, which is everything else!!! I disappeared in a cloud of snow.

Very interesting when the road is covered with packed snow and ice and there are few rigs behind each other.
Good for the skills. Especially the ones where you have to let the handlebars do what they want to do.. Easy Nellie! Easy!!! Squeeze the legs. hold the seat (Pucker), focus, smooth on the controls except the bowel and stay the course whatever that is..

Plus the joints in the road beat me up. It was like I had no suspension. Now I know why these chopper guys walk like they have something stuck up their ass.. Their sphyncter is the only thing that flexes anymore.. Fer Krissesake! Now I got images in my mind I or you did not need to have.

We got invited to dinner by Frank from Travel Alberta right after we got here.. Somehow I was beat!
Today we are going to the World Pond Hockey Championship. 84 hockey teams i think are playing on 20 something rings in the country side. Cool! Then we are going to a winter Carnival in St-Isidore. we Leave Peace River tomorrow for Slave Lake for two days then Fort McMurray for two days where we will do the ice road.
it looks as if the cold is not wanting to let go. Oh well! That is what we are here for.

Talk to you soon
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