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So, I'm at a standstill with the fork seals. I've tried everything. Removed both snap rings and cleaned very well. Bottom in vise and using the fork tube like a slide hammer. Everything fell off my workbench, but the seal didn't budge.
Then I tried to pry it out which is what the book says. Sure, pry 30 year old, crusty rubber out while using an instrument that bends because of the 30 year old rubber. Then I reassembled the forks, pressed down to keep the damper rod from spinning and using the air wrench. Nothing.
Then, I flipped them around in the vise and hung from the stanchion WHILE using the air wrench. Fucking nothing!!!!! I mean, what the fuck?!!!!

This is stupid, I'm pms-ing so had to walk away before I threw the forks across the room. Next I'm gonna try to melt the fuckers out. Not really, but I'm left with no options. The book sucks. The really don't even tell you how to take this fork apart. And in the process of trying to dig it out, I nicked the tub. Fuck. Not sure what to do now. Any advice besides taking them to a shop?




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