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LC8 Adventure Second Fan Install

Why? I overheated my '07 KTM 990S Adventure last year when I was doing some very slow riding in the Nevada desert, at 100+F temps. The bike got so hot that even with the single OEM fan running full-time, the EFI sensors shut the bike down. Had to sit for 30min to cool down enough to start again.

When I spotted this ADVmachines Rally Fan Kit in Orange Crush a few months ago, I had to have it! This is my install of the second fan. Note that your exact wiring and plug arrangement may slightly differ from my 990, depending on your model of 990 or 950 Adventure.

This is what you get in the kit:

A nicely made fan mount bracket, fan attached to it, a small washer, a wiring harness, and well written instruction sheet.

Make sure not to lose the small washer, you will need it later.

First you have to remove the right side lower tank fairing. This involves 5 screws, and disconnecting a few wires and vent hoses.
One of my screws looks unusual because it's a TouraTech tank bag attach point.

This exposes the radiator overflow tank and right side of the radiator.

First take the two screws off that attach the overflow tank and rotate the tank 90 degrees and tie it in place if needed. No need to disconnect it.

Next disconnect the water temperature sensor wire to give more room to work in the area.

Rotate the oil tank vent line clamp tabs to face rearward so they will not interfere with the new fan, or dig into your hands when you are working in this area.

In this next picture, the red arrow points to the OEM left fan connection that you must get at and disconnect. The green arrow points to the EFI connector (on a 990) that I decided to disconnect to give more working room.

I disconnected the big connector and slid it off the frame tab mount and tied them out of the way.

Here's a better view of the OEM left fan connector that must be disconnected to install the new fan wiring harness in. The instruction sheet suggests holding the connector with a coat-hanger-wire hook and a long screwdriver to unhook, but I found I was able to reach all the way in with just my hand and disconnect it. Like all the bike connectors, it has a latch so it's a little tricky back in there.

This is the wire that was connected to the left-side OEM fan and is the fan power connector (i.e. bike to fan power) Just let it hang there for now.

You can see the fan plug way back there that you will need to plug the new fan wiring harness into. The connectors are arranged such that you can't plug them in the wrong way, and yes they are wired in parallel as they should be.

First I made a coat-hanger-wire tool to hold/PULL the left-hand side fan connector. That connector is loose and though I was able to unlatch and pull it off by hand, there was no way to hold it and install/push-on the new wiring harness by hand. Not enough room.

Then grabbed the rear of the connector with it.

Then I made another coat-hanger-wire tool to hold the new wiring harness to PUSH it into the left side fan connector.

Then a bit of fiddling and I was able to push the new wiring harness on way back there.

Whew, clipped in!

Plug the existing fan power connector into the new harness

and plug in the new second fan power lead into the the new wiring harness.

At this point I re-mounted and re-connected the big EFI plug.

Now it's time to mount the second right-side fan itself.

Remove the upper right radiator mount bolt.

The bolt that is removed looks like this. The little washer shown is the one that comes on the second fan kit.

Install the new fan bracket, note the upper mount hole.

Two views:

Place the little washer on the end of the upper radiator bolt. I put a little silicone rubber glue on the washer to hold in place while I installed it.

Then rotate the coolant overflow tank back into place and install the remaining two mount screws to hold the tank and the bottom two second fan bracket mount points. I also re-connected the water temperature sensor plug at this time.

Tuck all the wires in nice and tidy so they won't move up into the fan blades. That's it!

Re-install the right side tank fairing

and all done!

Go ride!

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