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I've done both methods describes above. Andy, the screw method is great but the space between the stanchion and the fork tube is like 5mm. That is how I scratched the fork tube, and all it did to the seal was tear a hole in it.

I've had 10 different screwdrivers in the seal, and they just break loose and tear another hole. I cannot get anything to remain solid enough to remove a larger chunk.

It my DR forks you have to hold the damper rod with their "special" tool. I made one using a pipe and welded a 3/4" nut to the end. I held the damper rod in place while I spun the bottom bolt out. I thought I could do the same here but looking down the tube everything appears to be round. No schematics show a detail on the top of the damper rod. I feel like I'm loosing my mind. I mean the springs aren't much wider than my thumb, so why is it being such a bear.?

Also, is there any way to fill the dings I've made on the tubes? I'm afraid it will cause the seals to leak, again....
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