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Originally Posted by WB-PDX View Post
You can also just put a fork in a wide door jam or staircase, use a car jack (the scissor style) and compress the forks until you actually blow the seals right out the leg. It makes a mess if you aren't careful, but works great every time. Just go slow and make sure the fork can't spring out of your giant home made ghetto vice system. As long as there is no rust further up the fork tube, the new seals will slide right down over and install easily. You can use a long section of PVC if you need to hammer them down in.

I've been using this method any time I need a fast\easy fork seal change on a project bike... especially when I can't get the fork apart.
explain this a bit more as it is my next option. are the springs installed? do I have to fill up the leg with oil? do they really just shoot out of the stanchion and on to the fork tube?? I'm trying it tomorrow. Don't have a scissor jack. have to borrow one.
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